The ultimate best NFO viewer, ever!

Current version: 0.9.5 (March 15th 2015)

This project is maintained by syndicode

iNFekt for Windows

A text viewer application that has been carefully designed around its main task: viewing and presenting NFO files. It comes with three different view modes (Rendered, Classic and Text Only), export functionality and lots of options! All Windows versions starting with Windows XP are supported. iNFekt works very well with Windows 8 and is available in a native 64 bit version.

Key features



The previous version is available from the archive.

If you run into any trouble, please check the FAQ page first. Should your issue persist, or if you have any other problem or suggestion, please use the issue tracker.


iNFekt is a native application written in C++. It uses the Cairo and PCRE open source libraries. Where available, rendering uses multi-core CPUs and is accelerated by graphics card hardware.

iNFekt for Linux

The command line version is fully functional on Linux. There's also a basic GTK+ version in the source code repository. If you would like to work on improving it, please contact me via e-mail.